Some time ago, I published a Github Gist to automatically transfer undelegating tokens from a Cosmos wallet. Word got around about this mythical script, and somehow months later, this turned into a full-time venture, where users are now dropping by for help daily.

If you’ve stumbled across this page because you are looking for help with a hacked wallet …

Step 1. Take a deep breath.

If your tokens are still undelegating and have not left your wallet — don’t worry! You have a pretty good chance of recovering all of them still.

We can run recoveries on chains where we have servers, namely: ATOM, CRO, EVMOS and JUNO.

For any others, please reach out to our partner, Cosmoshield:

Landing Page | Cosmoshield

Don’t worry! We’ve got your back.

Step 2. Collect all necessary information.

We are going to need the following bits of information from you:

And yes, we really need access to your mnemonic. This will be inserted into my scripts so that your tokens can be moved out as soon as possible on your behalf.

<aside> 🚨 Remember, you should NEVER share your seed phrase and no mod or admin will ask you for your seed!


Step 3. Prepare identification.

To ensure that you are indeed the owner of the compromised wallet addresses, we will need: